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Advanced ECG Systems


Martin Ugander

+61 481 134 220

8 Spring St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

OUR MISSION is to improve the detection of heart disease using the ECG. OUR VISION is to empower consumers and healthcare professionals with Advanced ECG technology in the assessment of people with known or suspected heart disease. We have two products: 1) Advanced ECG (AECG), is an artificial intelligence-based software solution for evaluating the ECG. The software dramatically improves the ability to diagnose heart disease compared to conventional 12-lead ECG interpretation, and can be applied to a standard ECG digital recording from any vendor’s ECG machine. We are developing products based on existing research software developed by our research team. 2) We are developing an app around our patent pending technology that makes it possible to acquire a standard 12-lead ECG using a smartwatch such as the Apple Watch, an app, an no additional hardware. That standard 12-lead ECG from the watch can also be analysed using our AECG software.

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