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Florian Roeber

+61 2 6695 5512

Trevenna Rd, Armidale NSW 2350, Australia

Invetus is a privately-owned multi-site company that provides as its core business independent research, consultancy and diagnostic services to the animal health industry, farmers, veterinarians, industry bodies, universities and government.

Invetus employs a diverse range of highly qualified expert staff with extensive experience across all aspects of animal health. Invetus operates from a number of sites including Armidale, Casino, Sydney and Palmerston North (NZ). Contract research services currently provided to the animal health industry include the conduct of efficacy, pharmacokinetic, target animal safety and tissue residue studies.

Invetus has pioneered the extension of animal health research into private veterinary hospitals and referral clinics through the Invetus Clinical Research Network (ICN), with linkages to an extensive range of private and university expert clinicians and researchers.

The Invetus Clinical Research Network engages a wide variety of veterinary clinics and hospitals throughout eastern Australia including veterinary specialists and emergency hospitals. ICN provides access to a variety of animal disease processes, diagnostics and treatment regimes and has linkages with primary accession general practice veterinarians, specialists in referral practices and directly with pet owners in households.

Almost all of the research work conducted by Invetus is to either Good Clinical Practice or Good Laboratory Practice guidelines. The Palmerston North, Armidale NSW are GLP accredited facilities. Business units include an independent Quality Assurance Unit with > 20 years’ experience conducting rigorous study, program and facility-based audits of raw data, scientific methodology, systems, SOPs, data handling and archiving and preparation and issue of study reports. The Invetus QA unit is led by a recognised industry experts in this area.

Invetus internal staff and external associates are exclusively Australian and New Zealand qualified professionals and scientists. Specific areas of expertise include:
- Companion animal medicine
- Farm animal management, disease, medicine and
- Pharmaceutical and vaccine development from
discovery to registration
- Regulatory affairs, dossier preparation and review
- Companion and production animal internal and
external parasitology
- Veterinary entomology
- Veterinary epidemiology and statistics
- Veterinary anaesthesiology, pharmacology and pain
- Avian health, management and production.

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