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ECG innovation at heart of ACvA’s Ventri Clinical network

The Australian Cardiovascular Alliance’s new medtech clinical network, Ventri Clinical, is delighted to confirm Advanced ECG Systems (AECG)’s addition.

Founded by Martin Ugander, Professor of Cardiac Imaging at the University of Sydney, AECG’s mission is to improve the detection of heart disease using the ECG (electrocardiography). Their software dramatically improves the ability to diagnose heart disease compared to conventional 12-lead ECG interpretation, and can be applied to a standard ECG digital recording from any vendor’s ECG machine.

“AECG is one several additions to the Ventri Clinical fold since our recent inception and represents a company with unique benefit and clear vision”, said Anthony Murray, Ventri Clinical Director. “The future AECG application will benefit both patients and, we hope, the development of other technologies that result in improved heart health.”

“Our software uses a form of ‘explainable artificial intelligence’ to detect things like a reduction in the heart’s pumping function in an ECG that otherwise looks normal to the clinical eye”, said Professor Ugander. “It was the obvious clinical benefit in our research findings that convinced us of the need to make the fruits of our research clinically available. The product represents the culmination of over 20 years of clinical research initiated by our team members from NASA, as well as an international network of clinical academic collaborators.”

Ventri Clinical’s network already features a range of solutions for effective clinical studies in cardiovascular devices, including Australia’s preeminent CROs, clinicians and services. Facilitated by the ACvA and backed by the Charles Perkins Centre, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and MTPConnect, their aim is to provide a non-for-profit solution for all device testing requirements through a network of the country’s trial service providers.

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